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Great reviews about Popshop’s new Mini LP

«Martin Akeret, born in 1975 in Winterthur, Switzerland, is the creative force behind the Popshop project. His latest sonic offering, Lonely Modern Truth, is a melodic techno gem that stimulates

New Mini LP: Lonely Modern Truth

Martin Akeret aka Popshop (Artist) is excitedly holding his new, still unreleased mini LP ‚Lonely Modern Truth‘ in his hands. Martin is confident that this record will be a hit


After the underground hit «Until We’re Grown», Popshop and Dallan are back with «I’m All Technology». The music and lyrics couldn’t be more contemporary. With playful, deep and varied electro

New Videoclip: «A Mysterious Man»

«A Mysterious Man» from the new Popshop album «Geometry For Broken People» (Raygun). A fascinating clip in «film noir» style of high aesthetic quality in several levels and a profound,

Popshop Live in Concert at Elbar

Popshop – Funky Pop Electro Neo Detroit Winterthur native Martin Akeret, alias Popshop, has been feeding the hungry of this world since 1997 with all kinds of synthetic appetizers that


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