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Great reviews about Popshop’s new Mini LP

«Martin Akeret, born in 1975 in Winterthur, Switzerland, is the creative force behind the Popshop project. His latest sonic offering, Lonely Modern Truth, is a melodic techno gem that stimulates both the mind and body. Combining idm, leftfield electronica, and melodic techno, it features some of the most addictive arpeggios of 2024 thus far. This track is one of the five that complete his new mini-LP, showcasing Akeret’s innovative approach to electronic music. Each piece on the mini-LP reflects his meticulous craftsmanship and unique ability to blend genres seamlessly, making it a must-listen for electronic music enthusiasts. Pure ear-gasm!»


Order/buy this much praised release on beautiful 12″ vinyl here: KM60 (Distribution) | Juno | DEEJAY.DE. Available in many other shops too.