Drama – Wider Willen Money

CHF 23.00


Unusual song titles and special music between broken beats, electro, new wave, electronica, IDM, ambient, queer pop. From a time at the end of the 90s, when I used the bedroom on Müllerstrasse in the middle of Zurich as a studio. The bass sound in the song «In Bed With Drunken Flowers» is a sample of of the bedroom fan. «Wüste und Abgrund» is a tricky story and contains playful broken beats in the style of Aphex Twin and reverberating guitar melodies that emphasize the dark mood of the album. Further I dedicated the pop song «A.S.I.L.» to a young woman named Lisa who owns an extraordinary second-hand shop where I bought my 70s shirts and vintage blazers. The song title «Salat, Pflastersteig, Jugendrauschen» is a reminiscence to my favourite indie bands of this decade: Salad, Pavement, Sonic Youth. The track contains guitar samples from all three bands and mixes with nice analog synthesizers and dirty floating drum loops. «Gegenüber von Irma» is a somewhat frivolous dedication across the street. My personal favourite track is «What Can Be Better», which transports my attitude towards life to this day. PS. The two tracks «Come To Me» and «Last Night» are from my alter ego G. Rich and made it onto this album.

Format: Compact Disc Classic Tray
Label: Poetenpop (CH)
Distribution: HP/Dancing City (CH)