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New Mini LP: Lonely Modern Truth

Martin Akeret aka Popshop (Artist) is excitedly holding his new, still unreleased mini LP ‚Lonely Modern Truth‘ in his hands. Martin is confident that this record will be a hit with his fans. He has put together five tracks that were not originally intended to be together. Thanks to the ears of DJ Emotion, also known as Jeremias Müller, one of the three founders of world wide web records – www the label that has decided to release these five tracks as a mini LP (not an EP). I listened to the tracks that Martin sent for publication repeatedly and I have concluded that all five tracks should be included on the record in the exact order they were sent to me. I am confident that this will result in a cohesive and enjoyable listening experience for the audience. After our enjoyable chats and exchanges, and after listening to the 5 tracks in a row again and again, it was clear that ‚www003 – Popshop – Lonely Modern Truth‘ has been born and is now finally available for order here! Of course, the records is in all other beautiful stores now. Check it out: Deejay.de. Do you want to hear these stunning tracks in full length first? Listen on SoundCoud.