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New Videoclip: «A Mysterious Man»

«A Mysterious Man» from the new Popshop album «Geometry For Broken People» (Raygun). A fascinating clip in «film noir» style of high aesthetic quality in several levels and a profound, timeless message. Because it remains mysterious who the Mysterious Man really is. Past and present merge into one another and the protagonist’s hometown (Winterthur) is given an artistic monument.

Director: Christian Clavadetscher | clavadetscherfoto
2nd Camera Operator: Conny Clavadetscher
Cut: Christian Clavadetscher & Martin Akeret
Cast: Popshop (a.k.a. Martin Akeret), Stefano Benini
Post Production: Christian Clavadetscher
Making Of Photography: Sebastian Clauss
4K-Quality | Copyright 2022.

Music written, produced and performed by Popshop.
Label: Raygun Records, D-Hamburg.